The manual paper folder that allows large paper projects to be folded into A4
21 x 29.7 cms

The manual folding machine Flexfold 1.1 is made entirely of steel and aluminium. Excellent performance combined with compactness are its predominant features. With a simple and practical movement, it folds large plans, xerox or heliographic copies into A4 format (21 x29.7cms ) which can then be filed or stored in a small space.




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Kinematic motion totally innovative and manufactured by precision machining of all components; for this purpose has been introduced an operating cam, suitably profiled, for maximum fluidity, progressiveness and absence of vibrations in the movements, all this by applying the least possible effort to handle the implementation.
High lowering of noise in operation with the system SHOCK ABSORBER, which introduces specific braking elements on the powertrain. With these measures the noise level recorded is 65 db and therefore totally in line with the current legislation in the area of noise tolerable in the workplace, even if they are used continuously.
Rigid structure and non-deformable frame obtained by the wide use of aluminum and steel mechanically processed to obtain precision couplings between the various elements. In addition an intermediate plate increases the stiffness of the frame, all to the advantage of the accuracy and repeatability of the bending of the sheet.
Pliers in sectors deformable such as to evenly distribute the clamping load of the sheet throughout the length of the working plane of the machine, it follows a bending of the sheet perfectly parallel on the sides without generating jaggies or squareness errors on the edges. They were also introduced many technical devices to permanently eliminate any form of maintenance.
Drawer with index Folk 29.7 cm. fully integrated in the machine body for better ergonomics of use and a lateral dimensions of the machine reduced to a minimum.
Base with quadrilateral structure for better stability during operation without annoying allow lateral oscillations
Few and simple movements can bend and pull out the sheet worked, also a practice rod wallets supported by the structure of the machine consents to pose more sheets before starting the bending phase: in so doing avoids perforate walls for fastening of the brackets making flexible placement machine in the office.
in order to protect customers from potential counterfeits or imitations.

Noise-free folding machine

Noise level 65dbi

Remarkably low noise in operation with the new technology SHOCK ABSORBER which introduces specific braking elements along the kinetic chain. With such precautions, the resulting noise level is 65dbs is in line with noise regulations and noise pollution laws in the workplace even in constant use. With the system SHOCK ABSORBER, we have overcome the main limitation of other manual machines currently on the market.

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