Invent, Innovate and Create

GTA SOLUTION is a young, dynamic company that designs, manufactures and sells office machines for trimming and folding project plans and large-sized papers.

The team has had twenty years of work experience in the engineering industry where they actively participated in both the design and the manufacturing phases.

When working in a technical environment daily we soon came to realise the importance of correctly filing paper projects so they took up less room and were quick and easy to consult.

The old method of storing projects rolled up inside tubes was no longer viable as it took up too much storage space and was less practical and much slower. This gave rise to the idea of creating a cheap and simple manual machine to fold large paper, reducing it to an A4 format (21 x 29.7 cms) and making it easy to store and reference.

The machine was designed to be reliable and easy to integrate into various offices including technical, graphic and services. Afterwards, we realised the need to add a cutter to the original folding machine to finish off the work after printing. And currently, thanks to the positive feedback from our clients, our company is planning an electric version of the cutter and folder.


Our aim is total customer satisfaction, an objective we have set ourselves to achieve at all costs. With this aim in mind, we are building machines which meet high-quality standards and which have passed many tests for reliability and can be operated safely. There is also a quick repair service operated by the sales network.


From the crisis to new projects

“We can’t expect things to change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations because a crisis leads to progress. Creativity rises out of anxiety just as the day from the dark night. From a crisis comes innovation, discoveries and great strategies. Whoever overcomes a crisis overcomes himself without being vanquished.

Whoever blames the crisis for his failures and difficulties, violates his own talent and is more interested in problems than solutions.
The teal crisis is the crisis of incompetence. The greatest hurdle to people and nations is the laziness with which they try to seek solutions and escape routes. Without a crisis there is no challenge, without a challenge life becomes a routine, a slow death. Without a crisis, there is no merit.

It is a crisis that brings out the very best in everyone because without a crisis all the winds are just soft breezes. To talk about a crisis is to promote it and not to talk about it is to exalt conformism. Instead, let us work hard. Once and for all, let us stop the only dangerous crisis which is the tragedy of not wanting to struggle to overcome it.  (Taken from ‘The world as I see it’ by Albert Einstein)

Fascinated by this thought expressed by one of the world’s 20th century ‘greats’ and strengthened by over 20 years work experience in the mechanical engineering sector, we decided to branch out on a new production. To bring to light our project we turned to a team of collaborators, highly specialised in their sector and together we have created a team capable of executing a technologically advanced project.

Our logo is inspired by an African cultural symbol which represents initiative, energy and versatility. We like to think that the ‘S’ shape represents Innovative Solutions which out company, GTA Solution, aims to achieve